Understanding mineral water characteristics of underground table

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As you know, mineral waters have different properties and are sources of different mineral waters, natural mineral water springs can be deep or superficial.

Deep mineral water examination
As you know, mineral waters have different properties and have different sources of mineral water, natural mineral water sources can be deep or superficial, and depending on which source of mineral water is used, its compounds also It is different. We first consider the mineral water that is deep. Mineral water used from deep water sources is mineral water, which is exploited from the depths of the earth at very high altitudes from the underground, and usually mineral water from the mountains Volcanic waters originate from mineral water Volcanic volcanoes have very complete compositions and minerals, and their contamination is very low and in some cases, it does not contain any pollution. Also, the amount of mineral nitrate in the water is very low and to a degree that can not be said. Also, the amount of ph mineral water is deep in accordance with the digestive system The human body.

Definition of Underground Mineral Water
It is said that Umrah mineral water is obtained from the very high use of the underground and is rich in minerals and mineral compounds, and because they are in the heart of the earth, they are spared from contamination and are not contaminated and naturally with water Minerals are complete in the world and are very limited and the number of these and minerals or in the form of mineral water springs in the world is limited and a handful. There are, of course, also some of them in Iran that Corset mineral water These sources are exploited. The second group of mineral water is the mineral water of underground aquifers, which is the result of these minerals. They are mineral waters that have different compositions and minerals. In some of them, mineral mineral waters are much more mineral and mineral water than other types of sources. In some sources, they are, in fact, melting from the snow Mountains or flooding are often caused by a variety of mineral waters with less salts and more likely to be contaminated. In some cases, such as waters flowing from the streams and very close to the Earth's surface, as well as near The living standards of people and the neighborhood are the lives of people. These mineral waters are more polluted and, of course, Soluble oils and their compounds are also much lower. Among mineral water mineral water, underground table waters have more and suitable compounds and solutes, and also have less pollution. Of course, nitrate nitrate levels are somewhat lower than those that can be controlled in the laboratory The clock is very small.

Definition of Healthy Mineral Water
Mineral water in the bubble garden is said to contain useful salts and compounds. These compounds and properties can be any amount dependent on the mineral water source, but the full body and mineral water known as spring mineral water contains solutes and complete compounds. And in fact, public sources are exploited and in general any mineral water that contains salts of mineral compounds such as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, sodium and gases is mineral water, and of course mineral water should not be It should not be contaminated and should not have a color and smell. Mineral water should be pure and natural. And such mineral water also has medicinal and healing properties, and we will talk about the healing of mineral water.

Mineral water has many benefits, and these benefits of mineral water have been old. As you know, 70% of the human body is made up of water, and water is vital for humans. This is a vital residual water, as well as mineral water, a valuable liquid. Healing has been a distant past, and there will still be many of the mineral water springs inside me, which today are ancient works, and the passageways are located within the caves and mountains, and many of the most valuable temples of goldsmiths and jewels This has been indicative of the value and healing properties of mineral water There are also many mineral water springs in different parts of the world, and even in Iran, where people travel to these springs from different parts of the world every year and use Iranian baths for joint pain and other diseases in these fountains. According to research by scientists, mineral water can have very beneficial effects within the human body's system of function, which we will continue to cover each of these.