SHAHIN  product

SHAHIN product is a bottle of mineral water that is made of glass, both the body and the head, the lid inside the metal SHAHIN, and the reason is that the use of plastic lids in the production of this product was contrary to the policies of Eskandarieh  company. The removal of plastic started in Eskandarieh  Company. This very beautiful and unique bottle is the result of the efforts of the masters of glass industry, mold making, architectural design, industrial design and engraving, which lasted three years and brought our company to the level of this industry. We are the unrivaled world and the first company to design and produce based on cultures. SHAHIN  is a handmade bottle with a capacity of 900 cc and each bottle is placed in a cardboard box and all four bottles are placed in a large carton.In completely hygienic conditions, this bottle must pass the standard of Eskandarieh  Company three times to reach the stage of washing and filling, and the rest are destroyed so that the best and most beautiful ones reach our dear customers. The quality of the bottle and its beauty and the quality of water analysis are important to us. Has the first. Eskandarieh  Mineral Water Company brings you the highest quality and mineral water test every three months according to the most up-to-date standards in order to provide the highest quality and highest quality mineral water with excellent materials. This luxurious product is according to your order and on occasions Historical and festivals will be produced.


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