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Mineral water, drinking water and golden water of SHAHIN are very beautiful and valuable products of Eskandarieh  Mineral Water Company.
This level of glass bottle production is unique and unrivaled in the world.

SHAHIN product is a handmade glass bottle with a capacity of 900 cc. The construction and design of this bottle took 3 years. A group of skilled and professional masters such as glassmaking, engraving, etc. have worked hard to make this product.

SHAHIN product is available in four colors: Crystal white, green, gold, brown.

For our company, producing high quality product and water analysis is remarkable. Falcons can be produced by filling 24 carat gold medicine. If you shake the bottle, it will glow and hang in the water for 45 minutes.

eskandarieh mineral water
eskandarih mineral water


SHAHIN with 900 cc glass bottle

SHAHIN product is a bottle of mineral water that is made of glass, both the body and the head, the lid inside the metal SHAHIN,

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Mineral water with a bottle of pet

Eskandarieh Mineral Water Company is proud to offer you with a bottle

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Water in daily life

Today's busy and busy lifestyles show the body's need for care. Since 60% of the human body is made up of water, an active human being needs 8 glasses of water equivalent to 2 liters per day.

 Even in the event of a lack of thirst, this need must be met continuously. eskandarieh mineral water is a pure and natural source that has balanced amounts of minerals needed by the body in today's life.

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