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With the help of world-class knowledge and technology and experience, Alexandria Mineralogical Company has received three international certificates:
Quality Management System 2008: ISO 9001
Food Safety Management System 2005: ISO 22000
Environmental Protection System 2004: ISO 4001

Mineral water from Secundaria also received the Health and Safety of Food Certificate (HACCP) in 2010. Accordingly, according to the requirements of the three international standards and the Standards of the Securities Company, based on European standards as well as the domestic national standards, the quality control unit of Mineral Mineral Water, Securia, more than 50 stages of quality control at all stages of production to ensure more and more product quality Manufacturing, safety and health of products and compliance with standards. Among other eskandarieh Mineral Water Activities to maintain its quality, sending samples for quality testing to the Swiss and Owen laboratories in France is regular.
eskandarieh mineral water
eskandarih mineral water


Mineral water with a glass bottle of 750 cc

This delicate and unique product with a capacity of 750 cc with a glass bottle is available based on your occasion.

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Mineral water with a bottle of pet

Alexandria Mineral Water Company is proud to provide you with the required bottle size and bottle requirement as soon as needed according to your order.

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Water in daily life

Today's busy and busy lifestyles show the body's need for care. Since 60% of the human body is made up of water, an active human being needs 8 glasses of water equivalent to 2 liters per day.

 Even in the event of a lack of thirst, this need must be met continuously. eskandarieh mineral water is a pure and natural source that has balanced amounts of minerals needed by the body in today's life.

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